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Technology Contact: Mike Sullivan
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HLN is a Geo-location-based App / Website combo that allows limousine and Livery companies to connect with independent drivers for mutual benefits such as:

  • Find a driver to cover a trip in a short notice.
  • Find drivers to help with scheduled farm out trips
  • Find companies with specific vehicles or service.
  • Find drivers to help with large events, and conventions
  • Allow small operators to get more business
  • Allow small operators to extend their fleet presence
  • Allow small operators to truck their drivers for free
  • Allow small operators to grow their connections and networks
  • And more benefits on the way

We created both the App, and the website, because the companies that have a dispatch office can conveniently use the website in a large computer screen, and for the drivers, they can use the App on their phone, for ease of use, safety, and for the accuracy of the GPS on their phone.

HLN is evolving the way the Limousine and Livery companies are doing business. By seamlessly connecting companies looking to cover a trip in a short notice to drivers available to take in more revenue through the network app; HLN makes dispatching trips, easy, fast, safe, and a stress free process. The HLN App is opening up more possibilities for dispatchers and more business for independent drivers.

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