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Hudson Bus Sales


Meet Our Sponsor: Hudson Bus Sales

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA),  is pleased to welcome our sponsor and friend Mr. Brad Hudson to our quarterly general meeting on Tuesday May 16, 2017. Texas Proud Hudson Bus Sales is a full service bus dealership and service provider operating in the Texas area that serves large and small groups all across the US. Launched by industry veteran and expert Brad Hudson, the company seeks to provide transport solutions for organizations looking for vehicles that can move people in large groups.

We sell new and used buses made by the most trusted manufacturers. When you walk into our facility, we’ll make sure that all you need to give us is information on your seating capacity and feature needs. Our team of experts will take care of finding models that fit your budget and requirements. We also offer bus rental services to accommodate customers who only need buses for a limited period.

Hudson Bus Sales also provides after sales services such as repairs and periodic maintenance. We specialize in keeping your vehicles in top shape to maximize their service lifespans while keeping their reliability and safety levels high.

Our customers include government agencies, religious groups, schools and non-profit organizations. People have come to rely on Hudson Bus Sales for our integrity, responsiveness and expertise in buses.

Meet the Owner: Brad Hudson

Brad HudsonFor the last 15+ years, I’ve worked hard as an employee of another bus dealership to solve your transportation needs. Starting January 1st, 2015, I made the decision to go all in and start my own bus dealership.

As the owner and president of Hudson Bus Sales, I intend to raise the bar to a new standard and to bring to each of you a customer experience that exceeds your transportation needs on every level.

This begins at the point of sale and continues through the complete cycle of ownership. Thank you for taking time to visit my website and I look forward to having you as a new customer here at Hudson Bus Sales.

Meet Team Members from Hudson Bus Sales

A bus driver driving a bus


Brad Hudson Owner

Kevin Kilgore Commercial Sales Manager

Matt Linde General Manager

Eric Verdugo Sales Manager – MFSAB National Accounts

Dan Baldwin Sales

Rod Maxwell Sales

Ann Enderby Sales Administrator

Jean Jones Receptionist/Sales Coordinator

Greg May Operations Manager

Jeff Newkirk Chief Creative Fella

Service Area for Hudson Bus Sales

Hudson Bus Sales is a full service bus dealership and service provider headquartered in Texas and proudly servicing entire United States.

If you’re looking for transportation solutions anywhere in the United States, contact Hudson Bus Sales today.

All Our Office Locations:

Dallas sky view

    Hudson bus sales

    Cleburne, TX

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Hudson bus sales
Austin, Texas

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Hudson bus sales
Houston, Texas

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