The Houston Limousine Association (LAH) was founded in 1987 by a group of Houston Limousine operators to get organized for the sole purpose of allowing businesses in the limousine industry to connect to and benefit from one another, and to advocate for members and affiliates to ensure there is support in local, State, and National government for legislation advancing the liveryindustry, model language for licensure and regulatory bodies that request the association’s opinions, and even guidelines and policy documents to help with ethical considerations and the scope of practice for the discipline.

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association is governed under the HALCA Bylaws and ascribes to the HALCA Code of Ethics in order to promote confidence and growth in the ground transportation industry across the state of Texas.


The purpose of the HALCA shall be to provide a regional forum for the exchange of information and views by members of the HALCA; to provide a mechanism for the collection of information and inform members concerning matters of mutual interest and concern; to advance the interest of the industry and its members before the Congress of the United States and other Local and Federal regulatory authorities; and to perform such duties as will benefit the HALCA and its members.

In 2012, under Erich Reindl term as president, and to reflect the industry’s broader purpose, the association re-organized to become The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA), to include all Livery, and Charter’s businesses. After this major reorganization, HALCA became the largest industry trade group in Texas, and maybe between the two coasts. Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. with a booming economy and jobs sector.

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA), participates in public relations activities such as advertising, education, political donations, lobbying and publishing, but its focus is collaboration between companies. The association may also offer other services, such as producing conferences, networking or charitable events or offering classes or educational materials. HALCA is a non-profit organizations governed by bylaws and directed by officers, and directors who are also members.

Some of the past award and honors

  • HALCA received Best Association Leader in the USA in 2007 during Joe Jordan term as president,
  • HALCA received the LCT/NLA Association of the Year in 2010.
  • HALCA was given The Triple CrownAward in 2010.

Some of the past accomplishment of the association

  • Lobbied the City of Houston to approve SUV’s for Limousine and livery service
  • Lobbied the City of Houston to change the ordinance in chapter 46 to read “It shall be illegalto OFFER limousine service without a valid city permit” which resulted in eliminating the illegal operators and gypsies.
  • Bringing to an end the Avis WeDriveU service in Houston, and in both Houston Airports.
  • Fighting the Gas Guzzler Tax, and the proposed state sales tax on limousine service,
  • The association played a huge role in fighting the battle against the “double taxation” of city and airport permitting fees.
  • The need for more limo parking spaces at the George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport.
  • The fight against Uber illegal operation in Houston, and the battle for a fair regulatory playing field.
  • The association involvement with and role in the Chapter 46 ADA Task Force, which deals with the introduction of accessibility requirements to a percentage of each operators’ fleets
  • And the list is long…..

Here are some of the past presidents of the Association over the years

Bob Antonelli – Allantra Limousine Service
Nikko Assolin – Nikkos Worldwide Chauffeured Services
Bobby Brown – Brown Limousine
David Schovasja – Franklin Corporate Transportation
Joe Jordan – Jordan Limousine
Erich Reindl – Avanti Limousine
Renzo Ormsbee – Elite Limousines of Houston
Wes Hart – American Corporate Transportation

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA) won’t exist if it was not for the sacrifice of many operators, and the support of the rest of us. In the name of the association we thank every person who support the association in a way or another, and we encourage all the Houston Limousine Operators, large and small to join and be part of the support and the voice of the industry.

United we stand, divided we fall