Under all we do should lie ethics — standards of conduct and moral judgment — for upon ethics depend the survival and growth of free institutions and, indeed, civilization.Members of ground transportation companies should recognize that the interest of the industry requires the highest and best use of equipment and personnel. Therefore, we must require adequate equipment and personnel to meet the needs of the public; the building of a functional network among ourselves to insure service and safety for the public; the development of productive relationships among members.Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and duty to which we must dedicate ourselves. Members,therefore, should be zealous to maintain and improve the standards of our chosen industry and to share with our fellow members a common responsibility for the integrity and honor of our industry. The term Member should connote competency, fairness, and high integrity resulting from adherence to a lofty ideal of moral conduct in business relations.Accepting this standard as our own, we, as Houston Area Livery & Charter Association members, hereby pledge to observe its spirit with high standards of honesty, integrity,and responsibility and to conduct our business in accordance with the tenets set forth below.While the Code of Ethics establishes obligations which may be higher than those mandated by law, in any instance where the Code of Ethics and the law conflict, the obligations of the law take precedence.Articles 1 through 5 are inspirational and establish ideals which we, as members of the
Houston Area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA), should strive to attain.


    Members should become and remain informed on matters affecting the livery industry in the community, the state, and the nation so that we may be able to contribute responsibly to public thinking on industry matters.


    In justice to those who place their interests in our care, Members should endeavor always to be informed regarding laws, proposed legislation, governmental regulations,public policies, and current market conditions in order to be in a position to advise our clients properly.


    Members should endeavor to eliminate in our communities any practices which would be damaging to our industry. Members should assist all governmental agencies charged with regulating the practices of our industry.


    In the best interests of society, our clients, our employees and our own businesses,members should willingly share with other members the lessons of experience and study for the benefit of the public and the industry at large.


    Members should be loyal to the Houston Area Livery & Charter Association and active in its work.
    Articles 7 through 20 establish specific obligations


    Members shall uphold and abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to the ground transportation industry.


    Members shall promote only that equipment which is functionally sound and which is consistent with objective standards of safety.


    Members shall seek no unfair advantage over other Members and shall conduct business so as to avoid such controversies.


    Members pledge to promote and protect the interests of the client. This obligation of absolute fidelity to the client’s interests is primary, but does not relieve members of the obligation to treat fairly any other party involved or to uphold all laws.


    Members shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts relating to any service rendered. Members shall not, however, be obligated to advise on matters outside the scope of service.


    Members shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race,color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Members shall not be parties to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.


    Members are expected to provide a level of competent service in keeping with the standards of practice in all areas of the ground transportation industry.


    If charged with unethical practice or asked to present evidence or to cooperate in any other way in any disciplinary proceedings or investigation, Members shall place all pertinent facts before the proper committees or Board and shall take no action to disrupt or obstruct such processes.


    Member shall not engage in activities that constitute a practice unauthorized by law and shall recommend that legal counsel be obtained when the interest of any party to the transaction requires it.


    In providing service Members shall utilize the services of other Members with mutually agreed upon terms when doing so is in the best interest of the client.


    Members shall honor all contractual agreements until and unless they are altered or dissolved by the mutual consent of all contractual parties concerned and shall fulfill those obligations in a reasonable manner that is fair to all parties concerned.


    Members shall promptly acknowledge and act on all client complaints. In situations where complaints appear unreasonable and persistent, Members shall encourage the client to initiate or shall themselves initiate dispute settlement by the Board.


    Members shall not publicly disparage the business practice of a competitor nor volunteer an opinion of a competitor’s service. If an opinion is sought and if a Member deems it appropriate to respond, such opinion shall be rendered with strict professional integrity and courtesy.


    Members shall refrain from any act intended to restrain or suppress competition and thereby shall promote the private enterprise system and its guaranty of equal rights for all.


    Any grievance against any Member by another party shall be placed before the Board of Directors in writing The Board shall then ask each party to provide all pertinent information about the grievance. After receiving and reviewing the information, the Board will determine whether the data submitted constitutes a case of grievance.

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