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HALCA General Meeting Announcement

The Houston Area Livery & Charter Association (H.A.L.C.A)


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The Houston area livery & Charter Association

Sep 12 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Free Pass to 2017 Chauffeur Driven Show in Orlando
Free Gas Cards & a free Membership Giveaway

Please click to donate $10 to Help your fellow limousine operators affected by the hurricane. The money raised by this campaign will go directly to affected limo operators.

The Houston Area Livery & Charter Association is holding their second quarterly general members’ meeting for 2017 on:
•Date: Sept 12, 2017
•6:30pm – 7:00pm Networking
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting
•Location:  Crowne Plaza Northwest-Brookhollow
12801 Northwest Fwy – Houston, TX 77040
Our Guest of honor: Chris Weiss
President & publisher of Chauffeur Driver Magazine


l Introducing the board members

l Introducing new members

l Read out the agenda

l Chauffeur Driven Magazine presentation

l Discuss the currents issues with the City and the airports

l WAV requirement renewal for 2018 – Data Submission requirement 

l NLA Hurricane relief program 

l Take questions from the members

l Take suggestions and thoughts from members


Please come to the meeting to support your fellow operators who were affected by the hurricane, and are going through hard time, it is time for moral support. The NLA is offering financial help to the limousine operators affected by the hurricane Harvey, come get information about how to apply and receive help.

Please support your Houston Limousine Association by joining us today. The Association spend lot of time and effort to support the limousine industry in Houston, and to advance the interest of the diligence, and without your support, we won’t go far.

Together we stay strong

Please doante to help your fellow limo operators


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Hudson Bus Sales


Meet Our Sponsor: Hudson Bus Sales

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA),  is pleased to welcome our sponsor and friend Mr. Brad Hudson to our quarterly general meeting on Tuesday May 16, 2017. Texas Proud Hudson Bus Sales is a full service bus dealership and service provider operating in the Texas area that serves large and small groups all across the US. Launched by industry veteran and expert Brad Hudson, the company seeks to provide transport solutions for organizations looking for vehicles that can move people in large groups.

We sell new and used buses made by the most trusted manufacturers. When you walk into our facility, we’ll make sure that all you need to give us is information on your seating capacity and feature needs. Our team of experts will take care of finding models that fit your budget and requirements. We also offer bus rental services to accommodate customers who only need buses for a limited period.

Hudson Bus Sales also provides after sales services such as repairs and periodic maintenance. We specialize in keeping your vehicles in top shape to maximize their service lifespans while keeping their reliability and safety levels high.

Our customers include government agencies, religious groups, schools and non-profit organizations. People have come to rely on Hudson Bus Sales for our integrity, responsiveness and expertise in buses.

Meet the Owner: Brad Hudson

Brad HudsonFor the last 15+ years, I’ve worked hard as an employee of another bus dealership to solve your transportation needs. Starting January 1st, 2015, I made the decision to go all in and start my own bus dealership.

As the owner and president of Hudson Bus Sales, I intend to raise the bar to a new standard and to bring to each of you a customer experience that exceeds your transportation needs on every level.

This begins at the point of sale and continues through the complete cycle of ownership. Thank you for taking time to visit my website and I look forward to having you as a new customer here at Hudson Bus Sales.

Meet Team Members from Hudson Bus Sales

A bus driver driving a bus


Brad Hudson Owner

Kevin Kilgore Commercial Sales Manager

Matt Linde General Manager

Eric Verdugo Sales Manager – MFSAB National Accounts

Dan Baldwin Sales

Rod Maxwell Sales

Ann Enderby Sales Administrator

Jean Jones Receptionist/Sales Coordinator

Greg May Operations Manager

Jeff Newkirk Chief Creative Fella

Service Area for Hudson Bus Sales

Hudson Bus Sales is a full service bus dealership and service provider headquartered in Texas and proudly servicing entire United States.

If you’re looking for transportation solutions anywhere in the United States, contact Hudson Bus Sales today.

All Our Office Locations:

Dallas sky view

    Hudson bus sales

    Cleburne, TX

Austin sky view

Hudson bus sales
Austin, Texas

houston sky view

Hudson bus sales
Houston, Texas

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Jon Ouazdi
Transgates Limousine



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Industry Events & HALCA Schedules

HALCA General Meeting  Schedules

May 06, 2017
Sep 19, 2017
Nov 01, 2017
Dec 10, 2017
Meeting locations will be announced soon for each date. Please mark your calendar, and let every limousine operator knows about the meetings.

International LCT Show

by LCT magazine

International LCT Show
Celebrating its 33rd year in 2017, the International LCT Show is the biggest convention for limousine, charter and tour operators in the world. Set in Las Vegas, it is the ultimate destination for operators around the globe seeking education, product showcases and peer-to-peer networking. You will find no better place to grow your business and keep your fleet busy.

Jon Ouazdi
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HALCA General Meeting 11/10/16

MV 1 Handicap Accessible Vehicle

General Members’ Meeting 11/10/2016

7:10pm Wes Hart, President, called meeting to order.

West presented all the board members who were present:

Ismael Abed – Vice President

Matt Assolin: Treasurer

David Dillon: Board member /  John Ferrari:  Board member  / Younes J. Ouazdi: Board member /  Josef Khanoyan: Board member


All the members presented themselves to the rest of the attendees.

West presents the new board members who are

Mary Vaught from Mary Insurance

Amer Hourani from Aambassador Limousine.

The City of Houston ARA Presentation:

Next Khatrine and Nickki Cooper from the City of Houston ARA stared a presentation about some of the new regulation going in effect soon, and she answered some of the questions from the members

  1. Many drivers were cited for no manifest in other locations beside the airport, and Katherine confirmed that the trip manifest is required in all locations, all the time, and not just at the airport.
  2. For the mileage limit on the car: it has been removed, so there no mileage limit when you decide to add a new vehicle to your fleet.
  3. Super Bowl temporary limo permit (HLL): To receive a temporary limo permit for a vehicle that you intend to use only for the super bowl, you need to add that vehicle to your fleet first then you can get a permit. The permit is valid for both airport and for the city, and the rate is $150.00 per vehicle, the period allowed for this temporary permit is between 01/27/2017 and 02/2017
  4. All added vehicles must undergo the inspection by the city the same way they inspect your vehicle at the end of the year, but many members raised the inconvenience associated with the inspection for many reason, the ARA will get more information about this issue to see if they can eliminated the inspection, I will keep you updated about this issue as soon as we get the updates.
  5. For drivers who will be working just for the super bowl, such as drivers coming from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or Louisiana, they can use their Limousine Driver License as long as they undergo a fingerprint and warrant check from their original jurisdiction, if not, then they need to do the finger print with the city of Houston or from a 3rd party company that meet the city of Houston requirements, then the drivers can get the 30 days provisional license before they can work in the super bowl.
  6. Age of the cars: Sedan 6 years, after that the vehicle needs to undergo an inspection from the city approved inspection vendors: in Houston there are two of them.

Katherine also reminded the limousine operators to submit the Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements

Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements:

Please allow me to remind you about the Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements(refer to the previous article for more details) as many limousine operators did not submit the data for the first and second quarters of this year.

As of August 6, 2014, all vehicle-for-hire companies (permittes and registrants) are required to submit operations data pertaining to the performance or facilitation of transportation services to the City of Houston Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department on a quarterly basis. VFH companies were allowed a waiver for 2015, but starting on April 2016, It is required to submit the data. Failure to do so may result in revoking your Limousine License, or refusal to let you renew it for 2017.

Companies must complete and submit this form on or before the following dates, covering the following time periods:

Date Due Months Covered
April 10 January, February, March
July 10 April, May, June
October 10 July, August, September
January 10 October, November, December

Data must be submitted in the approved form available at the link here: Click here to go to the Link page

Super Bowl Host Committee Presentation

They provided plenty of information about the events, the parties, the ticket pricing and more other information. There will be a 10 days of parties and events in downtown.

What you need to know as limousine operators is the following:

  1. If you want to pick up, and drop off at the super bowl, you need a permit, $150.00.
  2. There are special parking for limousine operators, please refer to map number 1, and check the blue parking 21, 22.
  3. Once you go inside the parking, you need to stay there until you pick up your client, if you leave and come back, you need to pay another $150.00, and there is no way around it.
  4. There will be a 10 days of parties and events in downtown, and many street will be blocked, please make sure that you have a map with, please download map 2 for yourself.

Gift Cards:

4 gas gift cards were donated by Dean & Drapers Insurance, and the winners were:

  1. Rachid Ben Amer from Aviation Limousine
  2. Ismael Abed from La Bresse Limousine
  3. Patrick Cortes from Evolve Limousine
  4. Dwayne Kamis from Luxuary Paratransit of Houston

Handicapped Accessible Vehicle

Beginning in 2016, companies operating 20 or more vehicles are required to have at least 3% of their fleet comprised of wheelchair accessible vehicles within one year. During each of the following five years, the percentage requirement will increase by one percent each year for a total of 8% by 2020. §

Beginning in 2017, companies operating between two and 19 vehicles must operate at least one wheelchair accessible vehicles as existing vehicles are replaced or new vehicles added. §

Beginning in 2018, companies operating only one vehicle must operate a least one wheelchair accessible vehicle as existing vehicles are replaced or new vehicles added. · All companies selecting this option must affiliate with a company that can provide dispatch service for the wheelchair accessible vehicles


There is a company called Luxury Paratransit of Houston that acquired the MV1 vehicle as the handicapped accessible Vehicle. Check the vehicle website here

The company presented their pitch to the members of the associations, and the basic is they will charge between $125.00 and $150.00 a month to be your contractor for the handicapped accessible Vehicle (Option 2).

If you have any questions or would you like to contact him, this is his information:

Luxury Paratransit of Houston

Tel: 713-636-8601 / Fax: 713-636-8616

5825 Kelly St. Houston, TX 77026

Board Members Meeting:

At 8:00 pm the president west called for a private meeting for the board members intended for the election of the new members, and officers of the board.

The new members were confirmed by acclamation are Mary Vaught of Vaught Insurance

And Amer Harouni of Aambassador Limousine.

Ismael Abed voted as the new president, Matt Assolin as the new Vice President, Mary Vaught as the new treasurer.

The board agreed to change the bylaws to allow vendors to hold the secretary, and the treasurer only officer position

The meeting was adjourned by West at 9:00 pm.

Christmas Party:

The board has decided to held the Christmas party at Café Byblos Houston on December 11, 2016. the rate per person starts at $60.00. please book your group in advance at and click on Christmas Ticket, and make online.
Jon Ouazdi
Board Member

HALCA Meeting Summary 06/21/16- Get the scoop of the event

June 21, 2016

Next meeting:  September 20,2016 Location: Spaghetti Warehouse

7:10pm Wes Hart, President, called meeting to order.

Bo from Dean & Draper is sponsoring 3 door prizes to be pulled during meeting. 1st winner was Joe K from AAA Limo, Amer H from AAmbassador won 2nd gift card, Bilal K from All Star Limo won 3rd..

I.        Introduced Nikki Cooper & Katherine Bruning from City of Houston ARA to discuss reporting requirements.

a.       They said all information can be found by going to their website below

To read the VFH Data Submission requirement click on the link below

To access VFH Data form please click the link below

You can also find the entire ordinance by going to of Texas-city of Houston-Chapter 46

Please mark your calendar for these due dates for filling the Data Submission report

Due Date

Months Covered

April 20

January February March
July 20 April May


October 20

July August


January 20 October November


b.      Everyone signed a waiver in 2014 but now reports are required to be reported by the 20th of the month of the end of each quarter. There are several reports due & they now have a new app on their website for ease of answering. You do not have to report all at one time. If you only have ability to answer some of them now, you may fill out waivers for the remaining reports.

i.    Some reports are: 1. Total trips in each quarter 2. Total amount of revenue retained by drivers 3. Total number of trips refused in each zip code 4. Total number of trips accepted in each quarter  ALL REPORTS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE ABOVE

c.       Super Bowl- they are still working on plans & routes. They hope to be working with the airport to try to get a one stop shop at Permitting Office so drivers can get City VFH & airport badge in one location. Right now anyone can get a 30 day permit if the company has submitted requirements & meets them.

d.      They anticipate going to Council again in August with some recommendations & changes to the ordinance again.

e.       Matt Asolin asked if they would be implementing what City of Austin does during F1 which is reciprocity permits: all drivers with vehicle for hire license in San Antonio, Dallas & Houston are automatically granted temporary permits for those large events. ARA said they are looking at several options.

II.    Karhoo presentation- Tarek said he would email us his presentation & offered to pay association fees for one year to anyone who signs up in the next 2 weeks. There are $0 costs to join Karhoo. They bring us rides through their API. They are consumer facing market place, a comparison app on a mobile platform. They are expedia of ground transportation. You can reach him at,

III.   Phillip spoke about Chauffeur Driven meetings and gave away one meeting pass to a member for Washington DC conference in October

IV.   New Business

a.   Bylaws Changes: Wes distributed ballots to vote on 2 items.

Section F Required Attendance & Removal of Directors:   Board Members are required to attend all Board Meetings throughout the year.  After 3 unexcused absences in a calendar year, a Director is removed from the Board of Directors, unless excused by the Board President.   Any or all of the directors may be removed for cause by a vote of the members or by action of the Board. Directors may be removed by the Board if sufficient cause exists only by vote of at least two-thirds (2/3). Any Director previously removed by the Board will not be eligible to hold any future positions as an officer unless voted to be reinstated by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the votes of the Board of Directors. Candidates from companies, organizations or associations in which a Director was previously removed are not eligible to hold any officer position in t

Votes were collected but it was not announced who won.

Follow up:

– Presentation from Karhoo

-minutes to all members

-run cards for anyone who signed up

-updated membership spreadsheet

-in future meetings we need to begin w/”Turn your cell phones to vibrate”, have water available, have a credit card swipe or internet access to allow people to pay on the spot, introduce board at the beginning, give reports from Treasurer, Membership, and Community Relations Committees

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM


Jon Ouazdi