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List of Revoked Companies

To all limousine operators in the list below Please read carefully For all the companies that got revoked by the city, please go to the city and fill up the paper and do not worry about the hearing, it has been removed. (It is not required…
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Industry Events & HALCA Schedules

HALCA General Meeting  Schedules May 06, 2017 Sep 19, 2017 Nov 01, 2017 Dec 10, 2017 Meeting locations will be announced soon for each date. Please mark your calendar, and let every limousine operator knows about the meetings. International…
W-9 form pic
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What is a W-9 Form and Form 1099-MISC

Dear Limousine Operators, This article is intended for limousine operators who are new to being self-employed and not familiar with the Form 1099-C and W-9.  Many new operators are surprised when they receive a W-9 form from a company that…


WELCOME Welcome to 2017 International LCT Show! The LCT Show will provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date products, resources, information and materials in the industry. We are excited you have decided to join us in Las Vegas. See…
super bowl traffic
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How to get around Houston during the Super Bowl

Next week's 2017 Super Bowl will undoubtedly affect Houston traffic, but there are several ways that Houston natives and tourists alike can minimize their time in bumper-to-bumper backups. Eury, president and CEO of Central Houston, is also serving…
Uber & Starbucks

Uber and Starbucks are big winners with business expense account crowd

Uber is fast becoming much more popular as a ground transportation provider, while a bigger chunk of the business traveler expense account crowd heads for Starbucks instead of McDonald's these days. Those are two of the biggest…
IAH, Hobby parking for Super Bowl
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Airport Parking Arrangement during Super Bowl

Dear Limousine Operators, During the super Bowl, there will be a very high traffic at both Houston Airports, so the Airport Administration with conjunction with the City have created extra space for parking for commercial vehicles, they designated…
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Special Permit for the Super Bowl event

Dear Limousine Operator, If you are planning to bring affiliate vehicles and driver from out of town to help you with the extra business of the Super Bowl, as you all know there is a special permit that your out of town vehicles and drivers…
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