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National Limousine Association Partners with Jobs With Justice a Leading Labor Advocacy Group

For years, drivers who work for ride-hail app companies like Uber and Lyft have been coming forward with claims of poor working conditions, including one driver who gave the infamous quote regarding being treated “only a little better than slaves“. Every major ride-hail app company opts to categorize its workers as independent contractors, thereby sidestepping […]

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Dear Limousine Operators, The limousine operators in Texas are very disappointed and angry because of the approval of the State of Texas HB 100, State Regulation of the UBER Transportation Service without including them in the process and with mandating the basic requirement, imposed on limousine and taxi industries, while disregarding the customers safety and […]

City of Houston ARA List of Approved Limousine Vehicles

Dear Limousine Operators: Below is the City of Houston List of Approved Limousine Vehicles,  Please refer to http://www.houstontx.gov/ara/vfh/ to ensure the vehicle you may purchase qualifies. (Vehicle List Subject To Change) List of approved Limousine Sedan-Type Vehicles List of approved Limousine SUV-Type Vehicles MSRP $32,866.52 MSRP $39,987.48 Make/Model Make/Model Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKT Lincoln Continental […]

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If S.B. No. 176 Passed, It Will Radically Change TNC & Limousine Business

Austin 05/02/2017. 9:00 AM  . On Tuesday May 02, 2017, The Limousine Coalition of Texas has gathered in Capitol Hill in Austin to meet with State Sen. Charles Schwertner  to discuss his State bill S.B. No. 176. The meeting started at 9:00 am and six Limousine operators were representing different geographical areas of Texas, with different companies sizes from […]

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Hudson Bus Sales

Meet Our Sponsor: Hudson Bus Sales The Houston area Livery & Charter Association (HALCA),  is pleased to welcome our sponsor and friend Mr. Brad Hudson to our quarterly general meeting on Tuesday May 16, 2017. Texas Proud Hudson Bus Sales is a full service bus dealership and service provider operating in the Texas area that […]

This New Tax Bill Could Help Your Small Business

Last week, a pair of senators introduced a tax bill that would ensure the tax rate for small businesses is never higher than that of a large corporation. The Main Street Fairness Act, offered by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, a Democrat, and Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican, aims to provide federal tax parity between […]