National Limousine Association Partners with Jobs With Justice a Leading Labor Advocacy Group

For years, drivers who work for ride-hail app companies like Uber and Lyft have been coming forward with claims of poor working conditions, including one driver who gave the infamous quote regarding being treated “only a little better than slaves“. Every major ride-hail app company opts to categorize its workers as independent contractors, thereby sidestepping their obligation as the employer to provide adequate healthcare, workman’s comp, insurance, and vehicle maintenance reimbursements. Uber has been sued by many of its drivers for multiple reasons, including poor treatment and misrepresenting the earning potential of their drivers, which they settled with the FTC for $20 million.

They are also settling a separate case with the FTC over claims of predatory leasing offers which Uber has claimed will help get drivers in cars and on the road at the best rates possible. These claims have proved to be utterly false, with court documents containing damning statements like “Uber’s communications with at least one auto company have acknowledged payment terms and conditions that are inconsistent with Uber’s promises to Drivers.”

“In a society that increasingly values convenience over safety and responsibility, it is the obligation of the NLA to raise awareness about how ride-hailing services, for financial gain, are circumventing fair labor laws and are not adhering to the same safety standards and regulations that are often applicable to taxis and limousines,” said Gary Buffo, President of the NLA. “Our partnership with Jobs With Justice is a vital step towards bringing these urgent matters to the forefront of conversation here in the United States. Ride-hailing services are misleading passengers, exploiting drivers and putting our economy at risk.”

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