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Hobby Airport No Standing Zone

Houston Airport System

To all Limo Drivers:

Hobby Airport Landside Operations Manager Dawn Hoffman, has invited the Houston Limousine Association to a private meeting last week to discuss some concerns about Limousine drivers and some other issues concerning the airport system.

The major issue that was brought up by Hoffman was the illegal solicitation at Hobby Airport and how this issue is affecting the airport travelers and the overall general outlook of the airport. The manager stated that the airport is working on some of the serious solutions to fight the illegal solicitation at the airport, and here is some of the propositions they have on the table.


No standing zone: The airport administration designated 2 areas where the driver can not stand to wait for their clients, which is the area by the exit doors, and the area in between the glass doors. Drivers standing in this area are blocking the traffic, and they are only standing there to solicit client.

Limousine drivers are not allowed to wait on the second floor (Departure terminal)

Limousine drivers can not wait on the curbside or at the limousine parking to solicit client.

The Landside Operation will be increasing enforcement by issuing violations, Revoking HAS Permits, towing vehicles, and they are also working with the HPD, and the ARA to curb solicitations.

Drivers who get caught soliciting, can be issued a trespassing citation which will ban them from coming to the airport for ever.


The manager also brought up that some drivers are not complying with the manifest requirement, or they are trying to be hostile toward the HAS employees, please when you go to the airport make sure that you have always wear your LL badge and have your manifest, with the correct information, if any information is missing,  you may be issued a citation. Please be nice and professional when approached by the HAS employees, and remember they are just doing their job, just like the rest of us.

There are two designated areas for drivers to stand and wait for their clients, one is by the information screens, and one is by the left side arrival hallway as you can see below on the diagram

Hobby Airport No Standing Zone

Below is the letter we received from Hoffman

Attention Limo Drivers:

Hobby Airport is committed to reducing solicitation. Landside Operations is taking steps to increase enforcement through issuing citations, revoking HAS permits, and working closer with the Administration & Regulatory Affairs (ARA) department. In addition, we have established a limo driver free area as marked in red below. This area is the main walkway for passengers and must not be occupied by drivers. Drivers are expected to wait for their passengers along the wall out of walkway, see the green areas below. Drivers are also not allowed upstairs, in between the exit doors, or curbside. If you are approached by any HAS employee to relocate or present manifest/license, you must comply. If you have any comments or questions please contact the Landside Operations Supervisor on duty.

Thank you,

Dawn Hoffman, Hobby Landside Operations Manager

The second issue that was brought us by the manager, was the potential HAS system updates about the payment concerning the access to the airport by all the ground transportation providers. Right now we are paying a fixed annual fess for the HAS permit, which range from $350 for a sedan to $950 for a coach bus, The Houston Airport System is looking to implement a new system that charge by entry to the airport (just like the old system we used to have about 7 years ago for those who were operating back then). Basically the airport will charge you every time you enter the airport, the system use your EZ Tag to track your entries to the airport, and at the end of the month will charge the credit card on file, or send you an invoice for the monthly usage. When we asked her about the base charge for every entry, she said they did not set up the rates, but she believed it won’t be more than $5 for each entry, which translates to a new annual fee that a way higher than what we are currently paying. The system might be operational by the end of the year.

Please be advised about the changes coming to the airport, and always be ready when you go to pick up your client. Companies who are using electronic apps, or changed their manifest sample, need to update it with the ARA as soon as possible to avoid citation for non-compliance.



If you have any questions about this issue, please contact HALCA for more details.


Jon Ouazdi.



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