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Airport Parking Arrangement during Super Bowl

IAH, Hobby parking for Super Bowl

Dear Limousine Operators,

During the super Bowl, there will be a very high traffic at both Houston Airports, so the Airport Administration with conjunction with the City have created extra space for parking for commercial vehicles, they designated new parking lot for staging, there will be traffic signs to direct drivers to the appropriate location, there will be no park and wait as usual, inspectors will be enforcing the rules and HPD officers will be on high alerts for violators, please use comment sense, and be courteous to the people helping you with the traffic and parking. The information below will help understand the distribution of the flow of traffic, staging area, and special designated spot for large vehicles and charter buses.

IAH Airport


Below are traffic, and parking charts for each terminal, please print this maps and place it in all you vehicles so your drivers can use it for guidance once they are at the airports.



If you have any questions, or concerned please call the traffic management office at IAH: 281-230-1300,  and they will be able to assist you.


William P. Hobby Airport




The procedures listed below will be followed for Arrival activity that is anticipated from Saturday, January 28, 2017 through Sunday, February 05, 2017.  The procedures listed below will be used from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight) each day.  Your cooperation in following these procedures will assist us in ensuring all the Holding Lot A vehicles are able to access the Airport and load their passengers in the safest and most efficient manner possible.
To simplify your access to the Airport, we have established special routes which will guide you to your intended destination within the Airport.  By following this route, you can navigate to the staging facilities by following the signage posted along the roadways.  One of the attached maps provides detailed information concerning directions you are to follow, see Appendix E.
All charter buses, limousines, and Super Shuttle vehicles will be staged in Holding Lot A.  This lot is located at 7748 Airport Blvd., see Appendix B. Upon entering the holding area, you will be guided into a specific parking slot by a Parking Coordinator (PC). Once parked the PC will verify that the vehicle has the proper permits.  If a vehicle has a valid yearly permit, then a special event permit is not required. Proceed to the Dispatch Office located in the vicinity of the staging area and check-in with the Dispatcher coordinating the arrivals.  You will be required to provide the Dispatcher with the company name, airline name, flight number, estimated time of arrival of the party you are scheduled to pick up, and for buses the vehicle height.  For buses that are taller than 11 feet, arrival pick-up must happen at the Departure level, east end. 
The Dispatcher will record the information on the color-coded curbside clearance form and when the arrival flight has landed the form will be issued to the driver. This form must be displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle.  There will be a map provided with the curbside clearance form showing specific routing directions to the terminal and will indicate the appropriate areas for the loading of passengers.  The color-coded curbside clearance forms are as follows:  

l Buses 11 foot or under – Red

l Buses more than 11 foot – Green  ·

l Limos – Yellow ·

l Shuttles – Blue 
THE DISPATCHER WILL DISPATCH YOUR VEHICLE TO THE TERMINAL BASED UPON THE ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME OF THE FLIGHT YOUR VEHICLE IS SCHEDULED TO MEET.  In this way, we will be able to ensure that all vehicles load their passengers in a timely manner and avoid gridlock along the roadway.
Upon arriving at the terminal, your vehicle will be inspected for compliance by the Curbside Manager located at each curb.  Vehicles that do not have a curbside clearance form will be refused access to the curb, directed to proceed to the holding area, and will not be allowed to load their passengers.  The color-coded curbside clearance form will be retrieved by the Curbside Manager.  All drivers will remain with their vehicles while operating in the terminal complex.  

If you have any questions, or concerned please call the traffic management office at Hobby: 713-775-1976, and they will be able to assist you.

Please print all this documents and keep it in your car to use it as a reference when you get confused at the airports, they are your passport to a quick and stress free pick ups and drop offs.


Jon Ouazdi



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