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City of Houston Approved WAV Companies

Houston WASP

Dear Limousine Operators,

The deadline for filing your contract for WAV service is January 12, 2017, and it is time to get your paper work in orders. The last few weeks we went through a turmoil of confusing information about requirements, approved vehicles, and the prices charged by these approved companies, but starting last week, things got better, and we managed to confirm some information about this issue

Below is a list of the Wheelchair Access Service Providers (WASP) that is approved by the City of Houston under Article 10. The companies are listed by pricing starting by the lowest.


TFT Charter Bus & Limo Services (they are not taking anymore contract for now)

$10 a month / $120 a year up to 3 cars

Tesfaye:  713-480-0039

Fikadu:  832-466-1287

Lodiso:  832-289-9685

They do not have an office, but they usually meet at the whole food in the galleria, you need to call them first to set a time to meet.


Houston WAV Services


Patrick Cox: (713) 491-2063

Monthly fee is $25 or $270 a year (you save 10% if you pay the whole year)

12335 Kingsride Ln, #390 Houston, Texas 77024

Prefer to call to set up a meeting time.


Luxury Paratransit of Houston

$25 a month / $300 a year

Duane: 713-636-8601

Fax: 713-636-8616

Email: duanehk@aol.com

Office: 5825 Kelly St Houston TX 77026


Yellow Cab

$25 a month / $300 a year

David Wells: 281-389-4730 email: dwells@houstonyellowcab.com

Nick Plazinich: 832-877-5765 nplazinich@houstonyellowcab.com

Lauren Smith: 713-428-5894 Lauren@houstonyellowcab.com

Melissa McGehee: 713-428-5836 mmcgehee@houstonyellowcab.com

Office: 1406 Hayes St Houston TX 77009

To book a trip for a wheel chair client call this number: 713-229-9999


 It is always recommended to call the company that you decide to go with, and verify all the information directly with them. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment box below, and I will get back with you on the issue.


Jon Ouazdi




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