Younes won the the 2016 People’s Choice Awards for Leadership

Younes Ouazdi won the 2016 People's Choice Awards for Leadership

The Houston area Livery & Charter Association and its members would like to congratulate our board member Younes J. Ouazdi owner of TransGates Limousine for winning the 2016 People’s Choice Awards for Leadership at the LCT-NLA Show East in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


The ceremony was held on Nov. 14 at Harrah’s Atlantic City Resort and Waterfront Conference Center and it is was the fourth-annual People’s Choice Awards this year. Younes was nominated 3 months ago by a group of limousine operators who worked with him in the past 2 years.


We are very delighted that for the first time, a small limousine operator from Houston and Texas has won this award, and we are even happier that he is a board director and a part of the Houston area Livery & Charter Association. The award appropriately reflects the endless effort he has spent advancing and organizing our fellow limousine operators in Houston, and all the work he is doing to promote the small operators for better organization and union. The Recognition is well deserved. Younes has come up with so many ideas and contributed so much to the business and particularly to the small limousine operators.


The Award is an appropriate recognition for his individual input into the overall success. His dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring, and It’s a contentment to work with someone who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring work environment, and on behalf of the board of the directors and all the members, we wish Younes unlimited success in the future and a better prospect in this business as well in his personal life.
You made us very proud, keep up the good work.


Ismael Abed


Click below to read the article of the LCT Magazine.


At the wall of Fame Me & Ttracy Hodge Raimer, the second winner of the leadership award Me & Tom Halligan- LCT East Coast Editor Me & Sara Eastwood Mclean LCT Publisher and Chairman of the show


Vote Erich Reindl for the 2017 NLA Board of Directors Election

Erich Reindl, owner of Avanti Limousine is running for the 2017 NLA Board of Directors Election, for the Central Region, and The Houston area Livery & Charter Association is honored to support Erich for the position, and we are requesting all the Limousine operators who are an active member of the NLA to vote and support him for the position.
The NLA election will be held via a secure, online ballot. NLA members eligible to vote will be emailed their election login credentials on approximately Friday, November 18th, and they are encouraged to vote for Erich Reindl.
Who is Erich Reindl
erich-reindl-bioI began my career as a Chauffeur in early 1989. After five years, I decided to become self-employed and, in 1996 with a co-worker, established Avanti Limousine Inc. About 16 years ago, the company’s name was changed to Avanti Int’l Transportation LTD, dba Avanti Transportation, to reflect changes in the business model, from the leisure side of the industry to the corporate side.
I served as a board member of the Limousine Association of Houston for eight years and was President of the Houston Area Livery and Charter Association for two years. I was elected to the NLA Board in 2014. For the past 5 years, I have been a member of the NLA Show Committee, Nominating and most recently Legislative committee.
Reasons for Wanting to Serve on the NLA Board:
As an industry we have dealt with many different issues in the last 20 years. However, the current situation with the TNCs is by far the most challenging. I want to work with my peers and those on the Board to do whatever we can do to level the playing field and to make sure that DUTY OF CARE continues to be in the center of our battle. Today, with all the new transportation providers (TNC) coming into our market, it is even more important to fight regulatory battles on a National and Regional level. There is a lot to be done going forward. I understand the challenges of being a small operator because I was one some years ago. Your needs and concerns will continue to be my priority.
Scott Solombrino
scott-solombrinoAnother friend of HALCA who is running for the re-election as secretary of board of directors of the NLA for 2017 is Mr. Scott Solombrino, who is a current member of the board of directors of the National Limousine Association (NLA), and we are suppoting him for the position and we are requesting all the Houston limousine operators to vote for him with no doubt that he will be the best fit for the position.
As president and CEO of Dav El/BostonCoach, the largest privately-owned chauffeured transportation company worldwide, Solombrino has grown the company through numerous acquisitions and partnerships with leading industry organizations.
He has worked tirelessly on behalf of industry issues nationwide, including successfully driving legislative wins in the battle to improve competitive business conditions for the taxi and limousine industries with transportation network companies (TNCs).
A four-time president and founder of the NLA, Solombrino has vast experience in numerous leadership posts intermittently from 1983 to 2016. He has held posts as the legislative committee co-chair, show co-chair, education co-chair and leading member of the public relations committee, where he has been a driving force advocating on behalf of transportation issues.
Additionally, Solombrino sits on the board of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), and was appointed to serve as president of the allied leadership council, which he has held for 15 years. Solombrino is one of a select few to win GBTA’s Industry Icon Award and is a two-time GBTA Allied Member of the Year winner. He also founded and served as past president of the former Massachusetts Limousine Owners Association.
Please be pro-active and help these good men to win the nomination, and serve the board of the NLA to the best of the industry.

Notice of Stakeholder Meeting

To all Limousine / Charter Sightseeing Operators:


The City of Houston City Council made amendments to Chapter 46 and Chapter 25 of the Houston Code of Ordinances related to limousines and special event permits.

You are invited to attend a stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 from 3:00 PM at 611 Walker St in the Garden Level Auditorium. The propose of this meeting is to provide information regarding:

  1. The recent ordinance changes
  2. Vehicle-for-hire permitting, licensing and operations during super Bowl LI
  3. The new Citywide vehicle for hire dispatch app
  4. Wheelchair accessibility compliance requirements

The stakeholder meeting will be held at the Bob Lanier Public Works Building  611 Walker St Houston TX 77002 in in the Garden Level Auditorium. You are encouraged to attend and arrive on time as this is very crucial to our Limousine industry.

All limousine operators are encourage to attend and voice their concern, the more operators show up, the more serious the council will take us a group. Please arrive early to allow for time to find parking. You can park on the street meter, or at the parking garage on the underground. Please be courteous and well-mannered during the meeting,  we want to be at the best professional level possible.

(please check the calendar events to add the event to your phone calendar) .


Jon Ouazdi

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HALCA General Meeting 11/10/16

MV 1 Handicap Accessible Vehicle

General Members’ Meeting 11/10/2016

7:10pm Wes Hart, President, called meeting to order.

West presented all the board members who were present:

Ismael Abed – Vice President

Matt Assolin: Treasurer

David Dillon: Board member /  John Ferrari:  Board member  / Younes J. Ouazdi: Board member /  Josef Khanoyan: Board member


All the members presented themselves to the rest of the attendees.

West presents the new board members who are

Mary Vaught from Mary Insurance

Amer Hourani from Aambassador Limousine.

The City of Houston ARA Presentation:

Next Khatrine and Nickki Cooper from the City of Houston ARA stared a presentation about some of the new regulation going in effect soon, and she answered some of the questions from the members

  1. Many drivers were cited for no manifest in other locations beside the airport, and Katherine confirmed that the trip manifest is required in all locations, all the time, and not just at the airport.
  2. For the mileage limit on the car: it has been removed, so there no mileage limit when you decide to add a new vehicle to your fleet.
  3. Super Bowl temporary limo permit (HLL): To receive a temporary limo permit for a vehicle that you intend to use only for the super bowl, you need to add that vehicle to your fleet first then you can get a permit. The permit is valid for both airport and for the city, and the rate is $150.00 per vehicle, the period allowed for this temporary permit is between 01/27/2017 and 02/2017
  4. All added vehicles must undergo the inspection by the city the same way they inspect your vehicle at the end of the year, but many members raised the inconvenience associated with the inspection for many reason, the ARA will get more information about this issue to see if they can eliminated the inspection, I will keep you updated about this issue as soon as we get the updates.
  5. For drivers who will be working just for the super bowl, such as drivers coming from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or Louisiana, they can use their Limousine Driver License as long as they undergo a fingerprint and warrant check from their original jurisdiction, if not, then they need to do the finger print with the city of Houston or from a 3rd party company that meet the city of Houston requirements, then the drivers can get the 30 days provisional license before they can work in the super bowl.
  6. Age of the cars: Sedan 6 years, after that the vehicle needs to undergo an inspection from the city approved inspection vendors: in Houston there are two of them.

Katherine also reminded the limousine operators to submit the Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements

Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements:

Please allow me to remind you about the Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements(refer to the previous article for more details) as many limousine operators did not submit the data for the first and second quarters of this year.

As of August 6, 2014, all vehicle-for-hire companies (permittes and registrants) are required to submit operations data pertaining to the performance or facilitation of transportation services to the City of Houston Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department on a quarterly basis. VFH companies were allowed a waiver for 2015, but starting on April 2016, It is required to submit the data. Failure to do so may result in revoking your Limousine License, or refusal to let you renew it for 2017.

Companies must complete and submit this form on or before the following dates, covering the following time periods:

Date Due Months Covered
April 10 January, February, March
July 10 April, May, June
October 10 July, August, September
January 10 October, November, December

Data must be submitted in the approved form available at the link here: Click here to go to the Link page

Super Bowl Host Committee Presentation

They provided plenty of information about the events, the parties, the ticket pricing and more other information. There will be a 10 days of parties and events in downtown.

What you need to know as limousine operators is the following:

  1. If you want to pick up, and drop off at the super bowl, you need a permit, $150.00.
  2. There are special parking for limousine operators, please refer to map number 1, and check the blue parking 21, 22.
  3. Once you go inside the parking, you need to stay there until you pick up your client, if you leave and come back, you need to pay another $150.00, and there is no way around it.
  4. There will be a 10 days of parties and events in downtown, and many street will be blocked, please make sure that you have a map with, please download map 2 for yourself.

Gift Cards:

4 gas gift cards were donated by Dean & Drapers Insurance, and the winners were:

  1. Rachid Ben Amer from Aviation Limousine
  2. Ismael Abed from La Bresse Limousine
  3. Patrick Cortes from Evolve Limousine
  4. Dwayne Kamis from Luxuary Paratransit of Houston

Handicapped Accessible Vehicle

Beginning in 2016, companies operating 20 or more vehicles are required to have at least 3% of their fleet comprised of wheelchair accessible vehicles within one year. During each of the following five years, the percentage requirement will increase by one percent each year for a total of 8% by 2020. §

Beginning in 2017, companies operating between two and 19 vehicles must operate at least one wheelchair accessible vehicles as existing vehicles are replaced or new vehicles added. §

Beginning in 2018, companies operating only one vehicle must operate a least one wheelchair accessible vehicle as existing vehicles are replaced or new vehicles added. · All companies selecting this option must affiliate with a company that can provide dispatch service for the wheelchair accessible vehicles


There is a company called Luxury Paratransit of Houston that acquired the MV1 vehicle as the handicapped accessible Vehicle. Check the vehicle website here http://www.mv-1.us/

The company presented their pitch to the members of the associations, and the basic is they will charge between $125.00 and $150.00 a month to be your contractor for the handicapped accessible Vehicle (Option 2).

If you have any questions or would you like to contact him, this is his information:

Luxury Paratransit of Houston

Tel: 713-636-8601 / Fax: 713-636-8616


5825 Kelly St. Houston, TX 77026

Board Members Meeting:

At 8:00 pm the president west called for a private meeting for the board members intended for the election of the new members, and officers of the board.

The new members were confirmed by acclamation are Mary Vaught of Vaught Insurance

And Amer Harouni of Aambassador Limousine.

Ismael Abed voted as the new president, Matt Assolin as the new Vice President, Mary Vaught as the new treasurer.

The board agreed to change the bylaws to allow vendors to hold the secretary, and the treasurer only officer position

The meeting was adjourned by West at 9:00 pm.

Christmas Party:

The board has decided to held the Christmas party at Café Byblos Houston on December 11, 2016. the rate per person starts at $60.00. please book your group in advance at http://houstonlimos.info/subscription/ and click on Christmas Ticket, and make online.
Jon Ouazdi
Board Member