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ARRO Officially Approved by City of Houston

Arro App in Houston

HOUSTON, Oct. 25, 2016 /HALCA NEWS/


Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, has conclusively finalized the contract with the city wide dispatch App ARRO. Arro is a technology company based in New York, and supported by Creative Mobile Technologies group (CMT). The app was launched by Mike Epley who used to work as a logistic consultant for CMT group which own the RideLinQ® payment system.  

The app is currently available in NYC, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco since January 2015, and now it is officially expanding in the Houston market, after the City of Houston decided to look into consolidating all taxi companies into one dispatch to improve transport options as plans progress for hosting the Super Bowl in February of 2017.


Arro was picked among nine other apps as the winner of the City RFP for a citywide dispatch app for Houston’s for-hire vehicles. The app will be the official provider of e-hail and app-based payment services to 2,500 taxis and other for-hire transportation services throughout Houston. This new way of catching a taxi will help to buoy travel options for visitors and residents.

Arro already signed up all the 2500 permitted taxis in Houston, but they will only start operating 900 taxis that are already using Creative Mobile Technologies’ taxi equipment in their vehicles, the rest will be added as soon as they convert their equipments, or Arro integrate their equipments with the app.


The app is a hope of unity to Houston’s fractured taxi market which was dismantled by the new smart app like Uber and Lyft, and the City is pushing hard to promote it and to get the public to use it as a new way to hail a cab.  The app works similar to Uber frame, and will links drivers to riders in a very efficient and convenient way. The app would mean all cabs could be hailed based on who’s closest, breaking the taxi reliance on downtown cab stands and airport trips that leads to bunching of vehicles and a lack of available rides in other neighborhoods. It is a win-win for both sides; it will help boost driver’s income, while shortening waiting time for riders, and offering a convenient ways of payment. The app also provides an emergency scenario, should Uber – which opposes some of Houston’s regulations – bail right before thousands descend for the Super Bowl. Starting with consolidating taxi companies into a single online dispatch system, the app will also include on the second phase the Houston Limousine fleet to provide e-hailing service for the 2500 black cars in Houston. Once the app is establish, and running, it will eventually expand to include other features such as transit schedules, real-time traffic information and bike sharing information. Another service offered by Arro is the support for wheelchair-accessible rides, which allows handicapped riders to use the app and order a vehicle as well.


How does it work?


The basic is the same as for the rest of the smart app, open the app, select a pickup location, or use your phone gps location, then hit request Taxi button, you will see the time it will take the taxi to arrive, and the driver information as well as the vehicle. You will be able to see the taxi approaching on the map. After the ride, the app will automatically charge your card for the ride plus tips. If you hail a ride on the street, or catch one from a cab stand, you are still able to pay through the Arro app once inside the vehicle if you choose to.


About Arro, Inc.

Arro Inc. is a mobile app startup company based in New York, the company was founded by Mike Epley. The company started to fill up the gap left in the taxi business after the popularity of Uber hurts that business. The Arro smartphone booking app helps connects riders with existing licensed transportation organizations and drivers that are regulated by local authorities. It is a way to upgrade the taxi business to adjusts to the new ways of doing business, under intense competition from firms like Uber


About Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT):


Founded in New York City in 2005 by taxi industry leaders, Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT) provides more than 25,000 taxicabs in over 70 cities and 35 states with a variety of taxi technologies and enhancements including credit and debit card processing, media and advertising content, accessibility innovations, text messaging, interactive passengers maps, GPS, electronic trip sheets and back-office fleet management systems. CMT has more than 8,000 units in New York City alone. CMT’s unique “for the industry, by the industry” business model has empowered taxi fleets and individual taxi operators throughout the country with customized solutions born out of the company’s deep roots in the taxi industry. CMT’s FREEdom Solution integrates all of the technology including dispatching, banking, and media components that has helped to bring the American taxi industry into a new era of efficiency and innovation. 


The app is the latest change, but hardly the last in Houston’s paid ride market as it adjusts to transportation network companies and new ways of hailing vehicles. Uber, which has had a strained relationship at times with Houston over its requirement that all drivers submit to a fingerprint background check in addition to the company’s own verification system, has said it continues to work with city officials, but has pulled out of some Texas cities over fingerprint requirements. Only time will tell us if this app will be successful or no.


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