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Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements

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This is an update for the Data Submission date, the new dates are in the table below, do not forget to submit it

Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements: Please allow me to remind you about the Vehicle-For-Hire Data Submission Requirements, as many limousine operators did not submit the data for the first and second quarters of this year.

As of August 6, 2014, all vehicle-for-hire companies (permittes and registrants) are required to submit operations data pertaining to the performance or facilitation of transportation services to the City of Houston Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department on a quarterly basis. VFH companies were allowed a waiver for 2015, but starting on April 2016, It is required to submit the data. Failure to do so may result in revoking your Limousine License, or refusal to let you renew it for 2017.

Companies must complete and submit this form on or before the following dates, covering the following time periods:

Date Due Months Covered
April 20 January, February, March
July 20 April, May, June
October 20 July, August, September
January 20 October, November, December

Here is what they require you to submit:

Gross Receipts Generated By:
Street hails
Smart-phone App
Traditional dispatch
Total gross receipts
Revenue Sharing:
Revenue retained by company (Permittee/Registrant)
Revenue retained by drivers (licenses)
Total revenue

Permitted Vehicles
Wheelchair accessible vehicles
Non-wheelchair accessible
Total permitted vehicles

Licensed Drivers
Licensed drivers in service
Total number of hours driven

Method of Arrangement
Street hails
Smart-phone App
Traditional dispatch
Total Trips
Airport Trips
Trips to George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)
Trips to William P. Hobby (HOU)
Total Airport Trips
Wheelchair Accessibility
Wheelchair accessible trips
Wheelchair accessible trips
requested, completed
Service by Area
Trips requested by zip code

Number of accidents/collisions
For each incident, include

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