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Welcome to the HALCA


We are very pleased that you have joined The Houston area livery & Charter Association. Our members represent several ethnic groups from all over the world. The association exists to promote and protect the regional interests of chauffeured transportation in Houston and surrounding metropolitan area. It is dedicated to informing, educating and professionalizing its members – chauffeured transportation operators, suppliers, vendors and other associations to ensure the continued growth, development and prosperity of their own organizations and the entire chauffeured transportation industry.

The mission of the HALCA is:

  • To provide a statewide forum for the exchange of information and views by its members.
  • To provide a centralized mechanism for the collection of information and to inform members concerning matters of mutual interest and concern.
  • To advance the interest of the livery industry and its members to local, state and federal agencies.
  • The HALCA believes that each operator has the right to operate their business as they deem it necessary, provided that it complies and operates within the law.
  • The HALCA will work towards educating its members on what is allowed by the rules and regulations of the City of Houston regulatory agencies and various local and federal entities.

Becoming a member of the HLCA is a big deal, and has its benefits:

  • Company listing on the association website http://houstonlimos.info
  • The opportunity to network with other Limousine operators and vendors.
  • Use your membership as a pitch to get new customers
  • Enhance your network and business opportunities
  • Broaden your knowledge and learn the Industry standards
  • Stay informed on updates on policies, and regulations
  • You’ll Be Heard Where It Counts: HLCA fights for the issues that directly impact the limousine business in Houston. You have a powerful voice through the association representative with the County and local legislative and regulatory efforts.
  • You’ll Save Money: The HALCA offers many discount programs including plans for Carwash, Auto care, Auto parts, printing, office supplies and restaurant discounts..
  • You’ll get the HLCA Seal: The HLCA is the only Houston association serving the luxury chauffeured ground transportation industry. HCLA membership confirms you stand with the very best in the profession. You may display the HCLA logo proudly on your website, in your brochure, and on your label.

Please mark your calendar for the next meeting on 06/21/2016 starting at 6:00 PM. Meeting location will be provided on a later day

We hope to see you there.

Jon Ouazdi



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