HALCA Is Supporting a “We The People” Campaign – Sign it & Share it Today!

HALCA is supporting the we the people petition
As you know, our lives have been deeply impacted by Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)/ride-hailing companies. Many of us have worked for generations to build and grow our businesses, only to see them jeopardized by apps that skirt the laws we adhere to every day. Click here to view an urgent message from Gary Buffo, NLA President.
To level the playing field and ensure that TNCs pay their share to the American worker, we have launched a We the People Petition demanding that The White House create a Congressional Sub-Committee to investigate unfair labor practices within the sharing economy. We the People is The White House’s official petitioning platform, and submissions that obtain in excess of 100,000 signatures are entitled to an official response.
In order to obtain an official response from The White House, we must surpass 100,000 signatures in 30 days on our petition. To this end, it is essential that each and every one of you sign it, share it with your friends and families, and attend our webinar this Thursday, July 28th at 3:00PM Eastern for more information on how to make this petition a success.
Questions on how to sign the Petition? Read this step-by-step guide.
This is our chance to take our fight to the steps of The White House, in full public view. Please share it with all your contacts with no exception, either they Limousine operators or no.
Thank you for your support

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