HALCA Meeting Summary 06/21/16- Get the scoop of the event

June 21, 2016

Next meeting:  September 20,2016 Location: Spaghetti Warehouse

7:10pm Wes Hart, President, called meeting to order.

Bo from Dean & Draper is sponsoring 3 door prizes to be pulled during meeting. 1st winner was Joe K from AAA Limo, Amer H from AAmbassador won 2nd gift card, Bilal K from All Star Limo won 3rd..

I.        Introduced Nikki Cooper & Katherine Bruning from City of Houston ARA to discuss reporting requirements.

a.       They said all information can be found by going to their website below http://houstontx.gov/ara/vfh/

To read the VFH Data Submission requirement click on the link below http://houstontx.gov/ara/vfh/chapter46/VFH-012_Data_Submission_Guidelines.pdf

To access VFH Data form please click the link below


You can also find the entire ordinance by going to municode.com-library-state of Texas-city of Houston-Chapter 46


Please mark your calendar for these due dates for filling the Data Submission report

Due Date

Months Covered

April 20

January February March
July 20 April May


October 20

July August


January 20 October November


b.      Everyone signed a waiver in 2014 but now reports are required to be reported by the 20th of the month of the end of each quarter. There are several reports due & they now have a new app on their website for ease of answering. You do not have to report all at one time. If you only have ability to answer some of them now, you may fill out waivers for the remaining reports.

i.    Some reports are: 1. Total trips in each quarter 2. Total amount of revenue retained by drivers 3. Total number of trips refused in each zip code 4. Total number of trips accepted in each quarter  ALL REPORTS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE ABOVE

c.       Super Bowl- they are still working on plans & routes. They hope to be working with the airport to try to get a one stop shop at Permitting Office so drivers can get City VFH & airport badge in one location. Right now anyone can get a 30 day permit if the company has submitted requirements & meets them.

d.      They anticipate going to Council again in August with some recommendations & changes to the ordinance again.

e.       Matt Asolin asked if they would be implementing what City of Austin does during F1 which is reciprocity permits: all drivers with vehicle for hire license in San Antonio, Dallas & Houston are automatically granted temporary permits for those large events. ARA said they are looking at several options.

II.    Karhoo presentation- Tarek said he would email us his presentation & offered to pay association fees for one year to anyone who signs up in the next 2 weeks. There are $0 costs to join Karhoo. They bring us rides through their API. They are consumer facing market place, a comparison app on a mobile platform. They are expedia of ground transportation. You can reach him at tarek.mallah@karhood.com, karhoo.com.

III.   Phillip spoke about Chauffeur Driven meetings and gave away one meeting pass to a member for Washington DC conference in October

IV.   New Business

a.   Bylaws Changes: Wes distributed ballots to vote on 2 items.

Section F Required Attendance & Removal of Directors:   Board Members are required to attend all Board Meetings throughout the year.  After 3 unexcused absences in a calendar year, a Director is removed from the Board of Directors, unless excused by the Board President.   Any or all of the directors may be removed for cause by a vote of the members or by action of the Board. Directors may be removed by the Board if sufficient cause exists only by vote of at least two-thirds (2/3). Any Director previously removed by the Board will not be eligible to hold any future positions as an officer unless voted to be reinstated by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the votes of the Board of Directors. Candidates from companies, organizations or associations in which a Director was previously removed are not eligible to hold any officer position in t

Votes were collected but it was not announced who won.

Follow up:

– Presentation from Karhoo

-minutes to all members

-run cards for anyone who signed up

-updated membership spreadsheet

-in future meetings we need to begin w/”Turn your cell phones to vibrate”, have water available, have a credit card swipe or internet access to allow people to pay on the spot, introduce board at the beginning, give reports from Treasurer, Membership, and Community Relations Committees

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM


Jon Ouazdi

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